Feeding the world with a sustainable smile

Enclosed land-based farming

Our facility is designed in a modular fashion and each unit is an enclosed system. That enables us to maximise the utility of the locally sourced water from our subterranean reservoirs, making production both economical and more sustainable. Enclosed systems with advanced filtering are also healthier for both the fish and the surrounding ecosystems, virtually eliminating the need for pesticides and antibiotics.

Pristine filtered seawater

Our water is truly unique. We source it from underground wells of seawater that has been naturally filtered through layers of lava. This pure water is also heated by the geothermal energy of the surrounding crust itself.

Green geothermal energy

All the energy needed to pump water, power equipment and run the local operation are met through the national grid of energy from renewable sources of hydro, geothermal and wind.

Happy life pattern, no antibiotics

Our method imitates the natural life cycle of the Atlantic salmon that has spawned in our pristine freshwater, made the journey to the ocean. By being able to raise the salmon in constant environment with less stress growth is even during the life cycle giving the salmon firm texture and great taste.